About Sharon Eckman, LicZS

I studied at the Zen School of Shiatsu in London and qualified in 2004.

My background is in performing (I am also an actress) and I studied Shiatsu as a parallel career.  Performing is about communication and connection and this has deepened my practice of Shiatsu.  I believe that the connection between practitioner and receiver facilitates the body, mind and spirit's ability to self-heal on a deep, intuitive level.

My particular interest is in working with people who suffer from all forms of mental health issues, from stress and anxiety to depression and bi-polar disorder. 

I also enjoy working with pregnant women up to and including labour (and beyond).

Another focus of my practice has been working with women who are HIV+ and I have spent time in Namibia, Southern Africa facilitating Shiatsu workshops for carers and health workers and hope to continue this in the future.


On Saturday 21st April, I will be giving a FREE talk/workshop in Letchworth, Herts -

Working with the Black Dog - Shiatsu and Mental Health

For further information, have a look at my Facebook Page, Shiatsu - Sharon Eckman or email me at sharon@shiatsusharoneckman.co.uk.